We offer a wide variety of easy-to-fit, low-maintenance, high-performing insulated roof panel systems.



R-Panel has the physical specifications needed for commercial projects while maintaining affordability.

Low Profile

Low Profile, like R-Panel, has 3-foot coverage widths and can be cut to any length if you have a trailer long enough.

Standing Seam

Standing Seam is a premium product that utilizes a snap lock system allowing your finished wall or roof.

Corrugated "S" Panel

Also, known as “old wavy” corrugated, the “S” Panel is perfect for applications that desire a traditional look

Curved "S" Panel

The “S” Panel can also be curved to accommodate boat slips and has the same properties listed above for the “S” Panel.

5-V Crimp

5-V Crimp comes in 26 GA or 24 GA Galvalume and has a 2-foot coverage width.

Hercules Rib Panel

In Stock in 26 GA Galvalume only.

KR-24 2” (51mm)

Mechanical Standing Seam Panel


Heavy Duty Decking is a structural panel used for mezzanine flooring, a structural substrate for built-up roofing, and a base material for the creation of concrete forms.

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