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William LeBouef, Sr. began his career as a sheet metal worker. He learned the trade from his father-in-law, but he had dreams of one day building his own business. In 1945, he started the Hercules Sheet Metal company in New Orleans.

On November 21, 1961, LeBouef, Sr. revolutionized the sheet metal industry when he was awarded a patent for the first continuous roll form machine. This was the first machine in the world that could create custom sheet metal at any desired length.

As the Hercules Sheet Metal company grew due to the new technology, LeBouef, Sr. started Corrugated Industries to create metal panels and components and Hercules Metal Buildings to offer complete metal building packages.

In 1979, he moved the company from New Orleans to its current location in Chalmette, Louisiana. Later that same year, LeBouef, Sr. passed away, and ownership of the companies was left to his six children. His oldest son, William LeBouef, Jr., later bought out his siblings as the sole owner of all three companies.

LeBouef, Jr. continued to grow the business over the next 26 years until Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. The facility was completely underwater, but once the company recovered, its metal building products helped to rebuild the New Orleans community.

In 2017, LeBouef, Jr. passed away, leaving the company to his wife, Gloria.

In 2020, their granddaughter Sara Bartholomew took over as Vice President. Today, Bartholomew, along with her husband and General Manager, Tommy Bell, run Corrugated Industries. The fourth-generation company continues the family legacy and strives to be the industry leader for metal buildings, components, and purlins across the Gulf South.

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