Choose from our selection of standard flashing items or bring us your measurements and a drawing.  Our computerized brake machine can produce flashing components up to 21 feet long. Choose any color or gauge material that we carry.

Eave Struts

Eave Struts are secondary steel framing members used for support at eaves and high side peaks. Single and double slope are available up or down.



Secondary Structural members

Besides carrying an assorted line of different roof and wall panels, Corrugated Industries stocks CEE and ZEE purlins. We do not just stock standard lengths, but instead purlins are roll formed to any length per your order.  Call in your order today and pickup tomorrow.

Heavy Duty Decking

This decking is ideal for applications that require insulting concrete for roofing or structural concrete floors.

Metal Fencing

A Metal Fence made from our steel panels provides privacy and security for your home or business.   We also have accessories such as galvanized fence runners to provide long lasting structural support to your fence and Fence Cap to dress out the finished look.

Roof Purlins

Wall Girts

Door Jamb Purlins

Door Header Purlins

Rake Angle

Base Angle

Special Members

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