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Hercules Metal Buildings is an in-house division of our company dedicated to providing complete metal buildings on your ready site.


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    ADVANTAGES OF Hercules Metal Buildings

    Whether you are looking for a new industrial warehouse or just a backyard man cave, let the years of expertise at Corrugated Industries provide you with an excellent product at a very competitive price. Hercules Metal Buildings is an in-house division of our company dedicated to providing complete metal buildings on your ready site.


    Metal structures don’t rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and weather challenges better than stick-builds. Steel is easier to clean and needs less maintenance, too. And you won’t have the same paint peeling or fading issues as you would with a wooden structure.


    Metal buildings allow for more clear-span interior space and customization options and can actually be cheaper to build per square foot than wooden structures. Thanks to steel’s superior strength and resistance to threats from fire, storms, or pests, your insurance costs may actually decrease as well.


    Prefab metal buildings need less time and labor to install than stick-builds or other options. And Carport Direct has some of the best installation lead times in the industry!

    Metal Buildings Applications

    Serving the commercial, industrial, and residential markets for nearly eight decades, Corrugated specializes in a variety of steel building applications ranging from commercial garages to industrial warehouses.

    Commercial Steel & Metal Buildings

    Steel Warehouse Buildings

    Steel Framed Farm Buildings

    Prefabricated Industrial Steel Buildings

    Pre-Engineered Steel Garages and Workshops

    Steel Sporting Arenas & Sports Complexes

    Steel Office

    Steel Airplane

    Steel Storage

    Cannabis Grow-Ops Steel Buildings

    Prefab Mining and Remote Buildings

    Prefab Steel
    Building Kits

    New York Metal Building
    Roof Styles

    These are prefabricated buildings that you cannot get at a big box store. We are able to provide a great value for your project by stocking all components necessary for the job, from heavy gauge purlins to roof and wall panels in many styles and colors.

    “Complete” is an important term we choose to use. We are prepared to support you with all you’ll need to construct your metal building. Many companies claim to be a “one stop shop,” but we are truly prepared to help you with every aspect of what it takes to withstand the elements. Call or email us today.

    Regular Roof Style

    The regular roof style is popular for its rounded, barn-like look, and is also our most economical choice. A regular roof provides reliable protection from sun and rain, and its roof panels are oriented.

    A-Frame Roof Style

    The A-frame or boxed-eave roof is more similar to the design of a typical house roof, which is a plus if you’d like your custom metal building to better blend with your home or other structures.

    Vertical Roof Style

    The vertical roof is our premier option. It’s built on an A-frame design, but it additionally includes extra reinforcement that makes it our strongest roof design.

    Benefits of Metal Buildings

    The question isn’t what can you do with a metal building; the question is what can’t you do with metal building from Carport Central! Here are some of the ways our customers like to use our multipurpose structures:

    Residential Metal Garages

    A metal garage is an enclosed structure designed to provide a safer, more secure shelter for your car, truck...

    RV Carports & Buildings

    An RV metal carport or building is a steel structure designed to give superior protection in covering your RV,...

    Commercial Metal Garages

    Need a place to store commercial or industrial equipment? We can provide that.

    Side Entry Garages

    Perhaps you have limited lot size, or just prefer the convenience of having easier-to-access side entry.... points for your vehicles.

    Metal Workshop Buildings

    Some people need a place to store stuff; others need a place to be able to work on stuff. Either way, our metal.... points for your vehicles.

    Commercial Metal Buildings

    Typically speaking, a commercial metal building or industrial metal building is an enclosed metal designed.... points for your vehicles.

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