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Residential R panel coming September 2023.

Residential Low Profile

26ga - RC - 724

Commercial R Panel

26ga - RC - 723

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    We Have 78 Years of experience, You can trust Corrugated Industries & Hercules Metal Buildings.

    Since 1945, Corrugated Industries has been the Gulf South’s premier metal building supplier specializing in high-quality, customized commercial and residential metal building packages, roofing, and building components. A fourth-generation family-owned business with more than 70 years of experience, Corrugated Industries has extensive product knowledge and utilizes top-of-the-line materials that surpass industry standards to guarantee product quality and sustainability. In 1961, Corrugated Industries revolutionized the metal building industry by developing the first patent for custom-cut roll-form machines.

    Metal Buildings, Residential Roofing Custom Flashing and Components, and Corrugated Panels

    Corrugated Industries utilizes the latest products, equipment, and modern building techniques to increase efficiency and sustainability.

    Metal Buildings

    Get a quote for a new metal building that suits your specifications.

    Residential Roofing

    In need of a new roof on your home? Metal roofing is fast becoming the material of choice when faced with the need to replace your roof. Contact us for a quote.

    Corrugated Panels

    Get information on all of our corrugated panels. We offer a wide variety of colors and profiles.

    Metal Building Applications

    Serving the commercial, industrial, and residential markets for nearly eight decades, Corrugated specializes in a variety of steel building applications ranging from commercial garages to industrial warehouses.
    Prefab Steel Building Kits
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    Prefab Mining and Remote Buildings
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    Cannabis Grow-Ops Steel Buildings
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    Steel Storage Units
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    Steel Airplane Hangars
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    Steel Office Buildings
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    Steel Sporting Arenas & Sports Complexes
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    Pre-Engineered Steel Garages and Workshops
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    Prefabricated Industrial Steel Buildings
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    Steel Framed Farm Buildings
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    Steel Warehouse Buildings
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    Commercial Steel & Metal Buildings
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    Corrugated Industries utilizes the latest products, equipment, and modern building techniques to increase efficiency and sustainability and ensures customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service throughout the entire building process.

    Quality Construction

    We are the manufacturers in the business and use only the most durable high-tensile steel available.

    Professional Team

    Our highly-skilled team of experts have been recognized time and again for professionalism and customer service.

    Recognized Excellence

    We have been recognized as one of North America’s top manufacturers of metal roofing panels.

    Design Customization

    With multiple framing, finishing, and accessory options, our products are 100% customizable to suit your needs.

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    We help our customers find the best residential roofing and metal buildings to perfectly fit their needs and budget.

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    Let’s Quote Your Building Project

      Let’s Quote Your Building Project