R-Panel has the physical specifications needed for commercial projects while maintaining the affordability to fit any residential roofing application, making them one of our most popular products.


Low Profile

Low Profile, like R-Panel, has 3 foot coverage widths and can be cut to any length. If you have a trailer long enough to haul it, we can make it.


Standing Seam

Standing Seam is a premium product that utilizes a snap lock system allowing your finished wall or roof to not have exposed screws or fasteners.


Corrugated "S" Panel

Also known as “old wavy” corrugated, the ‘S’ Panel is perfect for applications that desire a traditional look.  This panel is available in Galvalume in the following thicknesses:  26 GA, 24 GA and 18 GA.

Curved "S" Panel

The ‘S’ Panel can also be curved to accommodate boat slips and has the same properties listed above for ‘S’ Panel. Call our sales staff today and let them help with your project.


5-V Crimp

5-V Crimp comes in 26 GA or 24 GA Galvalume and has a 2’ coverage width.


Hercules Rib Panel

In Stock in 26 GA Galvalume only.


KR-24 2” (51mm)

Mechanical Standing Seam Panel



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